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Welcome to seo baba.seo baba is the largest collection of search engine optimization, webmasters and design tools available on the web. If you have an ideea of a tool you would like to see on this site, please let us know by sending a message to wishlist [at] seo baba

We are working hard to improove our existing tools and to add new ones. If you think there is something wrong with a certain tool, please report your problem at bugs [at] seo baba

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Latest seo baba News
Inbound Links Tool update
A small update on the Inbound Links tool, which allows you to exclude the internal links from the link:

.SEO Initial Release
Today [17 December 2005] we launched the first version of our SEO Tools collection.

Latest SEO Articles
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Many times, confusion abounds the reader on what search engine optimization is. To most people, it's the entire process of getting a site to show up in the search results of Google, Yahoo or MSN. But it's more complex than that.

Latest search engine and webmaster tools

Search Engine Tools
Keyword Research
The Keyword Research Tool uses the Overture's database to determine the number of searches performed using a set of search termes derived from a specific keyphrase, allong with the number of result pages from the main search engines.

Keyword Competition
Compare the in-site and off-site optimization of top10 SERP's with your page. Analyze and compare the most important optimization factors from your web page as well as competition's using the Keyword Competiton Tool

Inbound Links
This tool allows you to see how your IBL's count is changing during an IBL update.

Indexed Pages
See how many pages from your site are indexed in over 50 Google Data Centers. This tool can help you find out when Google is updading the index with your pages accross several data centers.

Search Engine Inclusion
See how many pages of your site are indexed by several search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Hotbot, Teoma, WiseNut and others. This tool displays the number of indexed that each search engine has recorded for your site.

Link Popularity
See how well is your site seen in several search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Hotbot, Teoma, WiseNut and others. This tool displays the number of inbound links that each search engine has recorded for your site.

Page Rank
Find out how well seen is your site in the eyes of Google. You can do this by checking your PageRank.

Web Master Tools
Content Ratio
This tool allows you to calculate the amount of actual text content from your pages. Search engines prefer pages with a higher content ratio, so make sure your content ratio is high enough.

Spider View
This tool simulates a search engine spider, by displaying the text of a page that it can see by parsing the html code of the page. Introducing a keyword of keyphrase, the tool will also highlight complete or partial occurances.

Links Extractor
Find out how many internal/external links your page has, and check the pagerank for your internal pages.

Source Viewer
Source Viewer - Fetch the source of a webpage.

Keyword Density
This tool allows you to determine the density and count of a keyword/keyphrase occurance. Having a good keyword density is a key to a good SERP, so watch out the density of keywords you're optimizing for.

Friendly URL Redirect
Check if your server perform any redirects when a certain URL is accessed and, if so, if the redirect is search engine friendly.

HTTP Headers
HTTP Header - Check what the HTTP Headers the server returns when you access an URL

Keyword Distribution
The Keyword Distribution Tool allows you to check the distribution of a keyword relative to different sections of a page.

Meta Tags Viewer
Meta Tags Viewer - view the meta-tags of a web page
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